Inclusive Play

Our unique concept

Planet Kids is passionate about what we call ‘inclusive play’ and we welcome kids with all abilities. Our facilities are wheelchair ‘friendly’ and our staff are always keen to be as accomodating as possible.

Institutions that care for and educate children with and without special needs are encouraged to come and visit, too, at significantly discounted entrance prices.

We believe in inclusion and through play we are able to facilitate this process in a natural and positive way.

Peer tutoring program

We’ve already seen the potential of this concept, which views play as a method of learning. The idea is to bring a child with ‘special needs’ together with another child around his/her age for a session of play time – both physical (throwing balls, running around) and mental (puzzles, drawing, eductional toys).

Please contact us if you and your child are interested in participating.

Holiday group

If you are a parent, friend or caregiver to a child with special needs and are looking for a holiday program either to participate or to assist please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.